Tuesday, August 23, 2011


What do you do when you've hit rock bottom. I know people say there's only room to go up, but what happens when you've dug a hole too deeply to where there's no way of getting out. This business trip to atlanta has taught me alot. It made me think about alot of things. I pray to God everyday to try and guide me thru what i should do. This trip has made me realize that even though i am still very young i dont want to drink and party anymore. I just want to grow up do what i have to do and get this paper. I know what im doing is wrong and in this business there are no rules or regulations that why so many people get burned. But its not what id like to do for the rest of my life, i just needa save up enough to start investing. Because honestly this is all i know, ive spent too long and been thru way to much to just drop it and start a new life, ive tried college ive tried working a 9-5 but thats not me. I know business and thats what im going to do, wether it kills me or not. Havent updated in a while but ive been going thru hell these past few months, usually everything that happens i can get thru but this is a pretty damn big hole i dug myself into. All i can do is continue what i need to do and if i fail then thats that. I love my phamily i havent seen u guys for so long please take care of each and everyone Lord.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Deep down inside i was never worried, i always knew somehow i was gna make it.